We are breeding english springerspaniels since 1996. The very first springer at our home was black and white dog „boy“ Daníček. One year later we added black and white “boy” Ajax z Obřího dolu - with him we completed the first dog shows and hunting tests. From Ajax’s first mating we kept black and white bitch Sydney z Lipových dolin and we began seriously consider starting our own breeding – that’s how the Tiferet kennel was established. Sadly, when Sidney was 2 years old she began to suffer from epileptic seizures and after a series of hard seizures she passed away in spring of 2004.
Later that year we brought from Sweden (L/W with tan) bitch Woodnob Express Your Self – Eny. Eny’s mother comes from a well known swedish kennel Tröllangens, father from a less known swedish kennel Mistily´s. Eny is a typical representant of the breed with a fantastic nature – she is high spirited and very friendly not only to the people but to other dogs as well. She is a great mom and she gave us 3 litters of puppies (the first one with swedish boy Whisborne Latin Lover, the second one with swedish boy Larix Greatest Reward and the third one with husband Harri od Stroupinského potoka). One year later I found out, that in Swedish Kennel are planning mating of so nice bitch High Score Imagine Me and in summer I flew in Sweden for Terrynka – High Score Reach Your Dreams. The father of Terry is successful swedish dog again from Tröllangens kennel – My Budy Marlon. Terry is more of a gentle and more of an elegant type than Eny. She is very a very lively bitch and a “boss “ of our springer pack.
Unfortunately, in 2006 we lost the fight with Ajax’s cancer and he passed away in November.
In 2007 A litter in Tiferet Kennel was born – the one puppy which stayed with us was the B/W bitch Arabica Tiferet – Čárli. Čárli grew up into a beautiful bitch with a balanced character and great hunting qualities. At dog shows she got awards from many foreign judges.
In 2010 our first ESS, Daníček, passed away at the age of 15 years.
In the beginning of 2001 we tried insemination of Čárli with a swedish dog Lelica No Reply, but unfortunately unsuccessfuly. We decided to mate during summer time once more Eny (Woodnob Express Your Self) with a swedih dog hosting at English kennel Melverly. Trip to England was very challenging in all ways therefore we were disappointed that Eny didn’t get pregnant. In autumn it was Čárli’s season again and this time we decided for amazing czech dog Harri od Stroupinského potoka. Unfortunately, 3 weeks after “wedding day”, Čárli ran after a cat and got ran over by a car – and we decided that with her death the activity of Tiferet kennel is coming to the end.
Originally we wanted to stop with breeding of springer spaniels but in the end we decided to mate Eny with Harri one more time – this time it was a successful and 4 puppies (2 boys and two girls ) were born but in our new Kennel Mysterion Britanica. Both bitches - Andelia and Asheeba, stayed with us.

In October 2012 we mated out Terrynka with our breeding Victor (ARCANUS TIFERET), who is brother to our Čárlinka. Terynka gave brith to 7 wonderful babies (three girls and four boys) 30th December. In the end we kept black and white female at home - Madlenka (BELCORA MYSTERION BRITANICA).
In 2013 we agreed with Mr.Ray Smith, owner of kennel Melverly, to import a puppy out of combination Melverly Sophistique and Calvdale Zero to Hero. By the end of January 2013 little Frankie (Melverly Skymas) joied our home. Frankie is growing up into a handsome male, who we would liekt o use for our girls.
English springer spaniels in kennel Mysterion Britanica

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